Our friend The SUN

World Wide Solar Energy Web (WWSEW)


We would like to show you a simple proposal to try to gradually solve the problem of climate change. The idea is to create a World Wide Solar Electric Web (WWSEW) powered by solar energy that can provide us with all the energy we need.

This idea looks us to be too good to be true, that’s the reason we would like to have your opinion, your point of view, to figure out if the idea is reasonable, feasible or there are some aspects that we have forgotten or underestimated.

These days there are many demonstrations against climate change. They are very important for making everybody aware of the risks facing the planet’s future, but what could be the real, tangible and practical actions that could be taken right now to improve the situation?….

Solar energy is infinite and therefore sufficient for everyone. We should learn from nature. For example, the flora doesn’t use oil, coal or nuclear energy to grow up, it uses directly the Solar Energy. It’s important to stress that the flora is crucial for the reduction of carbon dioxide and for oxygen production.
Every time we use Secondary Energy Sources (coal, oil, nuclear, …) we always have negative side effects: air/environmental/noise pollution, radioactive waste, etc.

we have to increase investments in research to find new ways to capture as much solar energy as possible, by using, for example, new photovoltaic panels more efficient, economical and recyclable. All universities, polytechnics, should be involved in this research. In the meantime, we should already install the photovoltaic panels that the current technology is able to provide us. This idea will surely be an exceptional boost for economic growth, obviously for a sustainable economy

Governments have to encourage, by making it extremely convenient, the installation of photovoltaic panels on all surfaces exposed to the sun, for example on the roofs of houses, factories, warehouses, etc. Some exceptions could be made for historic buildings, churches, etc.
All the excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels can be transferred through the World Wide Solar Electric Web (WWSEW), making it available for use all over the world

Thanks to the rotation of planet Earth around its own axis, there will be always an area of our planet hit by the sun light (picture taken from Wikipedia)

Thanks to the free and clean energy of the sun, it is possible to feed numerous desalination plants. This would help reduce and reverse the desertification processes that exist in many areas of the world
having all the nations of the world sharing solar energy with each other would be a great example of global solidarity. It would be the first time that the whole humanity collaborates together to protect our planet with all its living species

Please, feel free to add your comments, suggestions, proposals…….